KMessage/KMessageHandler: a core/ui seperation for displaying message.

Jaroslaw Staniek js at
Sun May 28 22:51:03 BST 2006

Michaƫl Larouche said the following, On 2006-05-28 19:06:

> I rencently wanted to make a notification framework for Kopete4 to replace all 
> the KMessageBox in the code. Then Olivier Goffart remembered me of the 
> thread "core/ui separation".

FYI: I have implemented similar idea in Kexi, thus allowing to redirect 
messages to stdout in the future for command-line only things. With this idea, 
a few Kexi database-related components can be used without displaying 
messages, if a developer doesn't want them, or these can be 
groupped/concatenated and displayed on a higher level. A bit something like 

MessageHandler, here:

The handler can bouilt a nice HTML output (as error messages can have complex 
structure, e.g. server status)

Maybe I'll look forward to reuse your stuff.

regards / pozdrawiam,
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