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Sun May 28 10:19:55 BST 2006

James Richard Tyrer wrote:
>The most important thing, IMHO, is the need to facilitate the
>installation of third party applications -- that various distros need to
>be standardized to the point that only two binary packages are needed (a
>RPM and a DEB) -- that presumes that the correct versions of the
>supporting libraries are installed.  The LSB specified RPM binaries so
>only the RPM issue would be relevant.

Isn't this exactly what LSB has been doing for years? With one, single 
package (an RPM), you can install a program in all LSB-compliant distros.

>There is the secondary issue that RPMs do not have to specify the
>minimum dependent libraries by version number (they can use a package
>name and version number instead).  This is also a problem for third
>party applications which can not be expected to have knowledge of the
>names of a distros packages.

Right. LSB RPMs use the LSB libraries. They don't need a minimum version 
for each library: they just need the minimum LSB version.

An LSB 3.1 Desktop application will not install/run on a non-LSB compliant 
system. If it is compliant, however, the minimum versions are installed.

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