sys/times.h and mingw

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Fri May 26 10:31:57 BST 2006

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> Paulo Jorge Guedes wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >kdelibs/kabc/tests/bigread.cpp doesn't compile because of the
> >sys/times.h include, that doesn't exist on mingw includes neither on
> >kdelibs/win/include/mingw.
> >
> >There is already any solution for this on mingw?
> sys/times.h declares struct tms on Linux, which is used to determine
> amount of CPU time used by a child process.
> Is that what bigread.cpp does? If not, it's probably a typo for time.h
> sys/time.h.

It's not a typo, bigread.cpp calls times(). I don't know how much
times() is used across KDE though, and if we should worry with this for
Windows. A quick grep shows it's only used from bigread.cpp and
bigwrite.cpp so I guess we can #ifdef it.


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