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On Thursday 25 May 2006 14:50, Richard Moore wrote:
> A question in my mind is "is it useful to commercial developers for
> LSB to 'sanctify' some of the freedesktop specs?". This could be done
> by specifying a minimum level of compliance. For example, this could
> include the desktop spec for WM hints - at the moment the only 'real'
> specification is the ICCCM which is somewhat outdated.

one the things pitched at DAM-1 in Portland this past December was to use the 
FSG as a body to handle the bureaucratic process of "formalizing" 
specifications that are widely adopted and mature. the idea is that we're 
good at creating technology and not so great and doing the "make this a 
standard" thing while the FSG has the exact opposite profile. so putting the 
two together seems natural.

and the WM hints spec certainly seems to be a prime candidate.

this process could result in something that certainly gives ISVs (both open 
and proprietary) something more solid to target and go for. this is, of 
course, in addition to things like the Portland Project as it matures.

and so it's pretty important for us to be involved in this process at as high 
a level as possible to ensure our voice is heard and we can do our part in 
directing things so that it reflects all needs. 

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