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Thu May 25 17:40:57 BST 2006

hi all...

there is an upcoming LSB summit[1] on the 1st and 2nd of june. i will be in 
attendance representing kde; waldo will also be there (though he's officially 
wearing his intel / osdl / fd.o assortment of hats ;).

there are a number of issues of great relevance to KDE on the agenda, as it 
has a very concentrated on effort on the desktop side of the LSB and making 
the LSB actually useful to ISVs, OSVs, etc...

now ... i really don't care if you think the LSB is bullocks. i know many 
people share that sentiment and that's fine by me. but i'd like to avoid this 
becoming a debate over the LSB or the FSG itself.

what i am interested in is feedback from the KDE creative community of 
developers, artists, documenters, etc... on specific items that are on the 
agenda[1]. if you have input on them such as things you would like to ensure 
are addressed, concerns, wishes, thoughts, paper dolls or rainy day dreams 
please discuss them now.

i'd like to go into this being able to represent the needs and thoughts of our 
project as well as possible, which means i need to know what those needs and 
thoughts are. =)

thank you, love, hugs and all that jazz *tippity tappity tap tap tap*[2]

[2] that's my "have i have enough caffeine yet?" dance

Aaron J. Seigo
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