Concluding the discussion about splitting kdebase

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Fri May 19 17:18:44 BST 2006

On Thursday 18 May 2006 15:31, Sébastien Laoût wrote:
> But today I saved a mail attachment from KMail to the desktop, because I
> needed it temporarily.
> Right click -> "Save as..." -> "Desktop" shortcut

this is something i've been see-sawing back and forth on for some time. i'm 
really tempted to say that this is a very broken way of working that should 
be actively discouraged.

why do people do this? so they can quickly get to that file at a later time. 
but not -too- much later probably otherwise you end up with 100s of icons on 
your desktop that are random files.

personally what i'd much rather provide is a way to tag files in the 
filesystem as "important" in some way and allow the desktop (or other 
applications) to list those files so tagged. this alleviates the rather 
abstract restrictions that come with having one folder being what is 
literally shown on the desktop.

i really do have faith that if we drop what is a poor hack-of-a-solution we'll 
come up with clever means to truly address the real use cases. =)

> Or will it be Windows-like, where it is visually made the root of the user
> filesystem, with "Personnal Folder" (a.k.a. Home) and other devices inside
> the desktop, and the rest of the filesystem hidden from users?

oh god no. windows' desktop absolutely offends my sensibilities while ours 
simply annoys me ;)

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