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Thomas Zander zander at
Tue May 16 18:28:55 BST 2006

On Tuesday 16 May 2006 17:49, Luciano Montanaro wrote:
> > Regexps do get in the way when you don't want to use them, e.g. if
> > you look for "e.g." you'll get hits on "eggs" since "." means "any
> > character" in a regexp. So it is important that regexps are disabled
> > by default and only enabled when the user checks the checkbox.
> Sure thy are not fool-proof. I'd just use e\.\g\. in the case. And
> (anyway), you *also* find "e.g." with the given expression...

From your email you clearly forget who we are targetting KDE for.
One saying from usability is "You are not your user".  So, don't design to 
fit your needs best.

> What I'd like to have, [snip]

I fully understand you want something really quite powerful. But that will 
not make KDE a system that we can honestly put forward as a good solution 
for a huge audience.
Another saying from usability; "Power users will find the features 
You are a power user, you are more then capable of clicking open that 
panel with the advanced features.

Therefor I just repeat my earlier email that having regexp searching (or 
case sensitive searching for that matter) is an option that should not be 
visible per default.
Naturally that in no means takes away features or makes things less 
powerfull, its just not 'in your face'.

Thomas Zander
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