formatNumber performance

Guillaume Laurent glaurent at
Tue May 16 16:19:53 BST 2006

John Tapsell wrote:
> I don't know.  KSysguard should probably support snmp.  I've never
> played with it so i don't know sorry.  I don't know how much demand
> there is for SNMP either.
I haven't played with snmp either, but I know that it's the standard 
solution for network and remote machine monitoring, however it's 
overkill if all you have to monitor is a couple of machines (in which 
case ksysguard could fit in). So perhaps you could ask yourself if it's 
really worth the hassle to optimize something which will never be 
heavily used in the first place ? ksysguard only makes sense for people 
who have a small LAN at home (say a couple of PCs behind a router). If 
you only have a single machine to monitor, then there are plenty of much 
nicer and lighter solutions. If you have a larger network, then you 
really want snmp.


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