Concluding the discussion about splitting kdebase

Frans Englich englich at
Tue May 16 15:10:12 BST 2006

On Monday 15 May 2006 11:37, David Faure wrote:
> On Mon, May 15, 2006 at 11:25:57AM +0000, Frans Englich wrote:

> > kcmshell, residing in kdelibs, uses kdesu for loading KCModules in root
> > mode.
> But kcmshell is a binary so it belongs to coreapps in fact.

Ah yes, that would be consistent. Someone should move it.

> > If the user can't get around not installing coreapps, why split it? Is
> > the only motivation lowered build time for those who develop against
> > trunk and who needs the latest changes in trunk?
> Well, it's called kdelibs so we'd only put libs in it, that kind of makes
> sense to me ;) See if I update kdelibs and e.g. kdeversion.h or kglobal.h
> changes, I don't see why I should recompile all those runtime apps (which
> will still work) before I can recompile whatever I'm working on like kdepim
> or koffice. Having only libs in kdelibs minimizes the amount of
> recompilations necessary.
> > The package layout affects the whole world(so to speak), while the change
> > in build time only affects a handful of us KDE developers.
> Yes, but helping us work better helps kde become better.
> For the rest of the world I don't see the problem with installing
> kdebase-coreapps, they already do that (by installing kdebase). We're in
> fact making it easier for distros to split up kdebase since we do it for
> them (to some extent).
> > Also, if ones project
> > is dependent on central parts of KDE, I'd the chances are high one have
> > to re-build coreapps anyway, in order to have the app run properly.
> Only if changing in incompatible ways, which is more rare than changing
> things in compatible ways (especially after 4.0 will be out ;)

I'm still quite sceptical, but I don't think a discussion would lead to any 
result. It can also easily be my lack of insight in this.



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