Fwd: Seeking experienced Qt developer for gaming application

Frerich Raabe raabe at kde.org
Tue May 16 09:18:54 BST 2006


I got this mail yesterday evening and first wanted to ditch it as spam, then 
realized that it doesn't look that probken, then noticed the silly company 
name and wanted to ditch it as spam, then clicked on the link and noticed 
that their homepage doesn't look all that unserious. That computer games 
fair 'E3' is indeed currently taking place.

Maybe this is interesting for anybody. If you do find out that this is spam, 
please laugh at me for falling for it. :-)

- Frerich

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Subject: Seeking experienced Qt developer for gaming application
Date: Monday 15 May 2006 23:52
From: "Dave Hotchkiss" <dhotchkiss at supercomputerinc.com>
To: raabe at froglogic.com

Hello.  I work for a company called Super Computer International
(http://www.supercomputerinc.com), and we are in the process of
developing an industry-leading online multiplayer gaming system.  This
is an exciting project that will potentially be in the hands of millions
of users, and it will provide an unprecedented feature set integrated
and accessible through our client.

We are in immediate need of additional resources for Qt client
development, preferably on a contract basis.  I found reference to your
Qt experience on the Internet and wish to inquire if you would have
interest in this project and availability to work either full-time or
part-time on it.  Alternately, I hope that you might be able to refer me
to skilled developers who may be interested.

If you are interested in this initiative, please respond to me with your
availability and your resume.  If you know of other developers who may
be appropriate, I would appreciate it if you would either send along
contact information for them (preferably) or forward my information to them.

Due to the immediacy of our needs and the difficulty in locating
experienced Qt developers, we are casting the net fairly wide.  As such,
our apologies for any overlap in receipt of this email that may occur
between you and your co-workers or other colleagues in the development

Thank you very much for your consideration of this opportunity.

Dave Hotchkiss
Project Manager
678-528-3127 (mobile)


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