[Fwd: [kde-artists] Where to install (new) HiColor icons]

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Mon May 15 12:47:03 BST 2006

On Sun, May 14, 2006 at 12:05:38PM -0700, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> The clear message is: "NO HELP WANTED".  If there is no useful 
> discussion, that is the way I am going to take this and simply stop 
> making icons.

If you want to help make new kdeclassic icons put them in kdeclassic.

> The icon theme support remains a mess which I am willing to help 
> straighten out.  The attitude appears to be that nobody cares if icon 
> themes don't work correctly since there is no problem as long as you use 
> the Default (CrystalSVG).  If that is the case, why not simply delete 
> all other icon themes since they don't work correctly.  I have a major 
> kludge installed on my system as a work around in order to get 
> HiColor/KDEClassic to work correctly.

You are mixing hicolour and kdeclassic again.  Icon themes work fine,
if there are missing icons in a theme such as kdeclassic feel free to
fill them in.

> Basically, what JR has said is the KDE will NOT support the HiColor icon 
> theme.

I never said that, i said we won't ship icons in hicolour because that
is incorect (hicolour being for third party apps).

>  Was it up to him to make that decision?  Yes, there are some 
> issues that need to be considered, but GNOME supports HiColor and 
> FreeDesktop.org standards require it.

Our support for hicolour is exactly the same as Gnome's support for
it.  We both ship with hidden=true in the file so you can not select
hicolour as your theme because it is not an icon theme but is a
fallback namespace for use by third party applications.  You can find
the definitive index.theme file for hicolour in freedesktop.org's
CVS, and you'll find it also has Hidden=true in it.

> I have made new icons for KDE Standard Actions and Konqueror functions. 
>  We need to have HiColor icons for these since KDEArtWork installs 
> several icons themes that don't have them.  And there are many other 
> icon themes available on KDE-Look that don't have them yet.  Not having 
> them violates the intent of the spec and causes problems for anyone that 
> doesn't use CrystalSVG.

Then fill in the gaps in those themes, don't clutter up the hicolour namespace.


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