Concluding the discussion about splitting kdebase

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Fri May 12 07:57:02 BST 2006

Le Vendredi 12 Mai 2006 00:27, Cornelius Schumacher a écrit :
> Some weeks ago I proposed to split up kdebase to make it easier to develop,
> distribute and deploy KDE applications inside and outside of the KDE core
> modules. See the thread at
> To move things forward I will try to summarize the result of the
> discussion, so that we can then go to taking actions.
> The most accepted solution seemed to be to split up kdebase in three SVN
> submodules: workspace, coreapps and apps. The kdebase SVN module would then
> only contain a cmake file listing the three subdirectories. For the release
> there would be made three tarballs from kdebase, each containing the code
> from one subdirectory: kdebase-workspace, kdebase-coreapps, kdebase-apps.
> The submodules would be defined as follows:
> * kdebase/workspace:
> main X11 desktop apps, not needed to run KDE apps under TWM or Windows, but
> needed to run a full KDE desktop on X11

> * kdebase/coreapps:
> apps needed at runtime by all KDE apps, must also run under TWM and Windows

There is also some daemons that are now in kdelibs that could maybe be moved 
I am thinking to knotify and his kcontrol module, kded, kprintd, kconf_update 
and maybe more

> * kdebase/apps:
> other apps, needed by users but not by other apps, would be nice to have
> under TWM and Windows

> The result would be:
> 1) A complete KDE environment should run and be usable with just kdelibs +
> kdebase, as it is right now.

It is not a complete KDE environment without all apps modules 

but the KDE environment should run and be usable with kdelibs + 
kdebase-coreapps + kdebase-workspace

> 2) Running KDE applications outside KDE requires kdelibs + kdebase-coreapps
> 3) Compiling KDE applications requires kdelibs only
> I think this would reach the goal of making clearer separations to make it
> easier to handle the stuff which is in kdebase.


> Is this ok? Can we proceed and start moving to the new structure?

this is ok for me.
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