kdirlister and friends

Jens Herden jens at kdewebdev.org
Wed May 10 05:17:38 BST 2006


is anyone already working on or thinking about kdirlister and friends for 

I started to look into KFilestreeView in order to evaluate how to switch to 
model/view. Doing this some thoughts emerged which I want to share:

I think kdelibs should provide a model (KDirModel) for access of filesystems, 
smilar to QDirModel. This model should provide the following features:
	- it supports trees
	- every modelindex gets a pointer to structure with a KFileItem
	  and a vector of KFileItems for the entries in the folder
	- you can insert any KURL at any position of the model 
	  (usefull for in-tree display of archives)
	- the model should use KDirListerCache or a similar class
	  (KDirListerCache uses Q3 stuff in the moment)
	- the whole filter and sorting would happen with the help of another class. 
	  Either in a proxy model or with a KFileFilter, not sure yet.

My current idea is to move KDirLister to K3DirLister because I think the model 
would do more or less the same. And implementing the model on top of the 
KDirLister seems to be not very efficient. 

What would we get from this? 
A good foundation for our views on filesystems. Using this model would make it 
easy to implement different views on the same data. Creating delegates allows 
us to fine tune the displayed data without dealing with the views at all. 
This model could be used for all our filesystem dialogs, Konqueror, 
KFilesTree replacements and many more things I can not imagine yet.

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