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David Faure wrote On 08-05-2006 19:07:
> Hello Julian,
> I am forwarding your message to kde-core-devel.
> What you say about possible kwin bugs is very interesting, I'm sure the kwin developer
> would love to hear more details about that :)
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> Subject: Helping with KDE4
> Date: Sunday 07 May 2006 14:59
> From: Julian Seward <julian at valgrind.org>
> To: faure at kde.org
> Hi David
> I've been looking at
> http://developer.kde.org/development-versions/kde-4.0-todo-list.html
> and also thinking about our upcoming 3.2.0 release of Valgrind.
> I wanted to communicate the following to the KDE4 core developers.
> -------
> I'm hoping that KDE4 will be the stablest and fastest KDE yet,
> so I want to help ensure that KDE developers can make effective 
> use of Valgrind's debugging and profiling facilities.
> Let me know if there is anything we can do from the Valgrind end to 
> help with KDE4 development.  That could be fixing problems in V, 
> guiding KDE developers in how to use it effectively, or whatever.
> No promises - our development resources are limited - but if there 
> are small ways we can help make V more effective for you, I'd be 
> interested to hear.
> For example, I am currently playing with running a complete KDE 
> session on Valgrind -- tracing all processes from 'startkde'
> onwards.  That works quite well and picks up a few remaining 
> use-after-free bugs, even in the stable KDE 3.4.2 shipped with
> SuSE 10.0, when doing boring things (moving windows around).
> Maybe that would be of interest from a stability point of view?

I for one would love a doc on "How to interpret valgrind output" for
beginners ( I am talking about memcheck of course but effectively using
cachegrind doc would be cool too :) ).


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