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James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Mon May 8 16:56:04 BST 2006

Stephan Kulow wrote:
> Am Montag, 8. Mai 2006 01:03 schrieb Kenneth Wimer:
>> Note that everything is clarified in this last phrase. Third party  
>> application that install icons into hicolor should stick to a style  
>> of theme which is neutral enough to fit with many other themes. The  
>> mention of "unthemed" should be corrected to improve continuity in  
>> the spec.

I note that I prefer the term 'generic' to "unthemed"

> Please note that every KDE application is a "Third party application" 
> in non-KDE desktops. So this rule applies to KDE too - still we only
> install crystalsvg icons atm.

Nothing wrong with installing CrystalSVG icons.  The problem is with the 
CrystalSVG icons being installed as HiColor.  We should support the 
HiColor theme with "generic" icons (as I do).  If we are not going to 
have full support for HiColor, we clearly need to do something.  I 
suggest that we add an:




which should solve that problem without installing any CrystalSVG icons 
as anything other than CyrstalSVG.  I have listed "kdeclassic" first 
because I feel that it is the most "generic" theme we have, and added 
"crystalsvg" at the end because I fully realize that it is better to 
have some icon even if it badly clashes with the current style than to 
have a missing icon.

I committed the above and JR removed it without consulting me and 
without stating any reason other than his assertion that he was right 
(and I was wrong).  I am not going to play tit for tat in SVN with him 
so I leave it to the KDE Core Developers or the TWG to decide what to do.

Currently, we have a serious bug in the KDE icon lookup algorithm (it 
does not conform to the spec because it chooses an icon in another theme 
rather than resizing an icon in the current theme) and we have 
CrystalSVG hard coded in the code (very bad idea) -- if we need this, 
then it should be in a file somewhere; if not in the "index.theme" file 
for HiColor (as above) then somewhere else where it can be configured.

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