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Adriaan de Groot groot at
Fri May 5 09:43:26 BST 2006

On Friday 05 May 2006 08:31, Daniel Nakata wrote:
> As an initial step toward my goal of saturating KDE with support for
> extended attributes, I'd like to suggest the following modifications to the
> kdelibs codebase:
> 1) Add --enable-xattr to configure(.in(.in)), and have it define
> HAVE_XATTR, if -lattr works (libattr is available).  If so, add "-lattr" to

This suggests you're talking about KDE 3; I don't think such a big feature is 
a good idea in a feature-frozen branch. For KDE 4, this makes sense (but it 
doesn't *have* configure(.in(.in)) so keep that in mind).

> 2) Conditionally #include<attr/xattr.h>, if xattr is enabled, in
> kioslaves/file/

Or extattr.h .

> How does this sound?  I'm willing to write it up if there's a chance it
> would make it into KDE officially.

The main issue I'd have with this is non-Linux compatibility. From the single 
example you give, fgetxattr() is very much like getattr_get_fd() in API, so 
it's doable. Remember to leave the interfaces sufficient flexibility that the 
*can* be filled in for non-Linuxen.

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