KWin KPixmap removal

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Tue May 2 08:47:44 BST 2006

Frans Englich wrote:
>> That was completely unnecessary. The only reason to change all include
>> style in a file is if it's a public header and it doesn't use the Qt
>> module name. All public headers should include the Qt headers in the
>> long form (e.g., QtGui/qpixmap.h or QtGui/QPixmap).
>Cannot this be enforced by only having QTDIR/include among the includes?
>Otherwise I do not see how it will be followed.

That's true. But I'm asking that people make that effort so that our 
headers can be used by applications that only have QTDIR/include.

Then again, I think we can come up with something so that the EBN reports 
those issues.

>(Same goes with Q_SLOTS/Q_SIGNALS, imho. I think "slots" and "signals"
> will slip into kdelibs unless Q_NO_KEYWORDS is defined.)

That can be checked in an automated fashion.

#define signals choke
#define slots choke
#define foreach choke

#include "all_headers.h"

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