Please update: cmake 2.4.1 required for kdelibs trunk

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Mon May 1 20:02:11 BST 2006


cmake 2.4.1 beta has been released and is now required for building kdelibs 
trunk (this is the first required update since cmake 2.3.4, march 19th).

cmake 2.4.1 beta can be considered a RC for the next stable cmake release. So 
if we don't find problems, there will be an official stable release soon 
which we will depend on for some time.

Get it here:

The windows installer is here: 

The UNIX source is here: 

What has changed since 2.3.4 ?
A lot.
Among others:
-improved sorting of include dirs: dirs in the source or build tree 
automatically always come before include dirs outside
-improved handling of link directories: if e.g. exists both 
in /opt/kde4/lib and in the build dir, always the one in the builddir is  
added to the include path
-improved support for bundles and frameworks on OS X
-when installing, only changed files will be copied
-colored make output by default
-minor improvements in the kdevelop project generator
... and more

If you find any problems, please report to kde-buildsystem, kde-core-devel or 
to the cmake mailing list.

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