XML serialization functionality

Alejandro Exojo suy at kurly.org
Thu Mar 30 21:40:54 BST 2006

El Miércoles, 29 de Marzo de 2006 16:48, Frans Englich escribió:
> My primary interest is perhaps not performance, but more the general
> principle of that GUIs/software is designed and targetted at users, as
> opposed to us hackers and XML geeks :)
> But this is of course also relevant for the discussion of what is needed
> and should go into kdelibs. As it is now, I won't write an indenter class
> for kdelibs, because its existence can't be justified: there's no demand.

It's surely not a killer feature for every user, but the possibility of saving 
KOffice files uncompressed and indented, makes very convenient storing them 
in a SVN repository, and sharing them with other people.

It also can be pretty useful if you want to export to MathML, DocBook, etc.


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