[patch] Preload popup menus for the desktop (3.5)

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Thu Mar 30 02:35:26 BST 2006

Here's one that will no doubt be at least semi-controversial, but for me I 
believe solves a significant issue for first impressions in KDE.

The right menu button on the desktop is slow.  Really slow.  In my profiling 
here (on a fast machine) it took between 250 - 750 ms to pop up.  Waiting 3/4 
of a second for a RMB menu on a text file just seems silly.

The same issue applies in Konqueror and if this is accepted I'll probably 
address it there too.

The basics of what this does are:

- Use a QCache to store up to 50 menus in memory
- Create the menu as soon as the user is over the item with the mouse
- When the RMB is pressed, check the cache first for the menu

Of course in some cases, if the user very quickly uses the RMB button on an 
item that they've never hovered over before there can still be a delay, but 
in practice there's usually a short delay before the right mouse button is 
pressed and in the course of a desktop session most of the time menus are 
reused (i.e. trash, home, etc.)

This makes the desktop feel much more responsive in general, and I'd like 
permission to commit it to 3.5.


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