Discontinuing kcmwifi for wpa_supplicant, what about knetworkmanager?

Jakub Stachowski stachowski at hypair.net
Wed Mar 29 19:18:12 BST 2006

Dnia wtorek, 28 marca 2006 21:38, Stefan Winter napisaƂ:
> Hello k-c-d,

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> Now, after all this said, let's take a look at the KNetworkManager proposal
> from kde-devel a few hours ago.
> This is an utility that can only handle WEP currently, but at least has a
> daemon running in the background. That's a nice start at least. The web
> site claims that WPA support is going to be there "soon". If it happens,
> fine. But especially with the whole lot of authentication protocols for
> WPAx in the wild, supporting only a decent subset would be a PITA if they
> do it themselves, and it would sure be error-prone in the beginning. If, on
> the other hand, they use wpa_supplicant or xsupplicant (unlikely, the state
> monitoring part has no real interface to the outside world; I tried it
> once) in the backend, my next question would be: why duplicate things
> others have done already? Or worse, wrap around something that the other
> guys understand a lot better than you (since these other guys developed it
> themselves)? So, unless the KNetworkManager guys can give some *concrete*
> hints about their planned WPA support, I would definitely favorise to take
> wpa_supplicant, and turn it from a Qt3 to KDE4 GUI. I would even volunteer
> for that - along with some minor wishes I have for wpa_supplicant (it still
> has a few config options that are not yet available from the GUI, namely CA
> root selection and exact CN matching for the presented server certificate
> for the TLS-based authentication algorithms, and some things are missing,
> e.g. no DHCP/IP settings after successful auth).

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KNetworkManager is only GUI for NetworkManager (daemon running as root 
managing wired and wireless connections). NetworkManager also does not handle 
WPA authentication by itself but uses wpa_supplicant for the job. 
BTW: looks like KNetworkManager already supports WPA - at least there is bunch 
of options for configuring it. 

> Greetings,
> Stefan Winter

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