cmake issue: includes

Allen Winter winter at
Fri Mar 24 14:12:59 GMT 2006

On Friday 24 March 2006 08:02, William A. Hoffman wrote:
> At 06:05 AM 3/24/2006, Adriaan de Groot wrote:
> >Building kdebase against yesterday's kdelibs:
> >
> >adridg at kde$ gmake
> >Building CXX object libkonq/CMakeFiles/konq.dir/konq_operations.o
> >/mnt/src/kde/kde-4.0/kdebase/libkonq/ X11/Xlib.h: No 
> >such file or directory
> >
> >this leads to the following questions:
> >
> >1) Now that cmake by default produces fairly quiet makefiles, how can I find 
> >out what the exact commands are that it is running? Where is the gcc 
> >invocation logged so I can check that it's using the right -I options (which 
> >it's not). How do I make cmake produce noisy makefiles?
> make VERBOSE=1
> or
> VERBOSE=1 make

I just added this to the cmake wiki entry[1].  I put it in the FAQ section.


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