cmake support into kde4.0

Laurent Montel montel at
Fri Mar 24 07:51:14 GMT 2006

Just for information, now kde4.0 has cmake build system support into main 
module (not completly finished again).

So now I think that it will good if when you add/remove file into svn it will 
modify CMakeLists.txt file (cmake files as with 
autoconf/unsermake), or if you don't know where/how add/remove file into 
CMakeLists.txt send an email to kde-buildsystem at to signal that it's 
necessary to fix it.

Perhaps it will possible with a script when we commit and change 
(and add/remove file into svn) and not CMakeLists.txt to send an email to 
mailing list (just an idea), it will help to support cmake until we remove 
autoconf/unsermake support.

Thanks for your help.


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