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Tue Mar 21 18:42:05 GMT 2006

On Tuesday 21 March 2006 11:23, Waldo Bastian wrote:
> If so, what parts of X-KDE-autostart-condition, X-KDE-autostart-phase and
> immutability [$i] should be added to the autostart spec? I suggest to leave
> the X-KDE-stuff  "implementation specific" and just add some clarification
> to the spec that recommends the use of OnlyShowIn=KDE if you need to rely
> on any of these features.

yes; with the addition that applications that don't want to do OnlyShowIn=KDE 
should install their autostart .desktop files with Hidden=true by default 
(should, not must, since there will invariably be excpetions). on first run 
they can change this to Hidden=false or let the user do this via 
configuration settings.

> Personally I think XDG_CONFIG_DIRS/autostart remains a better choice and

given your reasoning on this provided in previous emails, i'd concur ...

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