Restricted feature-unfreeze for 3.5.3

Stefan Winter swinter at
Mon Mar 20 17:10:25 GMT 2006


> That's basically the idea we had, too. Allowing a few
> feature-freeze-breaking commits on a case by case basis, particularly for
> features that have *already* been developed and tested. For instance
> Lubos's startup performance patches, tested in SUSE. The above PDF addition
> sounds ok too since the patch already exists. To keep this clear: we do NOT
> want anyone to start developing 3.5.x features right now. We only want to
> allow existing (and tested!) code to be committed. If anyone plans on
> developing any feature now, do it in trunk.

I'd like to do a very minor new feature: for wireless network detection in 
KWiFiManager, don't just show WEP but also WPA and WPA2 networks properly. 
This is just a few LOC (parsing iwlist output a little more thorough than 
now). Small change, big gain for the user. Would that be okay?


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