XML serialization functionality

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Mon Mar 20 09:39:11 GMT 2006

David Faure wrote:
>Yep, but it's not enough for OASIS-compliant saving.
>It can use indentation everywhere -except- inside <text:p> tags, where
> space matters. So some reimplementable behavior is needed (but I agree
> that a string might be overkill, from a API point of view an int is
> enough, as long as it can be turned off completely for a given tag).
>Not that I'm really motivated to port KOffice's saving code yet another
> time, so this is a rather academic discussion to me.

We're talking about tag indenting, I hope.

Text should never be indented. It should be preserved as-is, including 
line-breaks and spacing characters.

And attributes go inside tags, so they don't get indented either.
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