my little tooth on cmake

David Faure faure at
Mon Mar 20 09:12:30 GMT 2006

On Sunday 19 March 2006 15:29, Carsten Niehaus wrote:
> Am Sonntag, 19. März 2006 16:02 schrieb Kurt Pfeifle:
> > What for me does *not* compile right now for me, in 99% of cases, is
> > kdelibs/trunk and kdelibs4_snapshot.
> Good point. Should we add something like a "kdelibs_snapshot has to compile 
> with cmake" from now on (or from April on for example)?

Easy to say, but nobody can guarantee that it compiles on *all* systems.

> reference to `__res_query'

Like in this case; this is specific to a few systems (Alex mentionned Slackware).
See commit -r519080 on trunk/KDE/kdelibs/ConfigureChecks.cmake, you might
want to backport this one to the snapshot to compile it with cmake.

> So in short: Do we need a policy that the _snapshot always needs to be 
> compilable with cmake?
Yes, but it's not a 100% guarantee, even if it compiles for the one guy tagging the snapshot.

PS: to be honest, I don't understand Cristian's tooth. To compile kdelibs you already
need to install on your system about 30 -devel packages. Actually I needed to install 75 packages
on my default mandriva installation. So what's one more package? Sure right now you need
to compile it, so what? If you're brave enough to compile kde trunk you can surely handling
compiling cmake :)

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