current state of KDE_DEPRECATED ?

David Faure faure at
Mon Mar 20 08:57:13 GMT 2006

On Thursday 16 March 2006 22:56, Christian Ehrlicher wrote:
> But nobody answered my question - can we move deprecated classes to
> kde3support without making big trouble like I did with KDE_DEPRECATED?
> Maybe renaming them to K3... ?

Yes, _if_ you make sure that the rest of kdelibs doesn't use those classes.
For instance we can't move K3ListView yet since at least KFileDialog uses it,
and probably other things too (kdeprint?). But since I renamed it already to K3,
it's clear to everyone that it's a future-kde3support class, and that it shouldn't
be used in new code. We can certainly do the same for any deprecated class
(plus moving to kde3support if the class isn't used in the rest of kdelibs).

Nicolas Goutte wrote:
> Christian Ehrlicher wrote:
> > This would reduce the deprecated warnings a little bit because I see no
> > need to make K3-classes compile without qt3support (and kde3support can
> > be compiled without QT3_SUPPORT_WARNINGS).
> If it is the case, then we must put kde3support out of kdelibs
I don't see why. It's perfectly possible to have different compilation flags
for kdelibs/kde3support than for the rest of kdelibs.

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