Task Completed: qApp->close() on KSystemTray

Emc2 emc2 at studenti-copernico.it
Fri Mar 17 23:26:20 GMT 2006

Hi guys,
today I found this task in the kdelibs4 svn TODO:

- Make KSystemTray's Quit option in the context menu call qApp->quit() instead 
  closing all windows, so apps that save their window state on exit don't need
  workarounds to detect a window close caused by the tray rather than the 

After a long conversation with Aseigo, we decided to adopt one of the (many) 
possible solutions, then I quickly made some changes to the code. 
Unfortunately, I have no svn account at the moment (i'm a kde-dev n00b), so 
is' been suggested to me to send here a patch, which you can find attached :)

Obviously, the task should be deleted from the TODO.

-- Leonardo Cassarani
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