current state of KDE_DEPRECATED ?

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Thu Mar 16 09:27:30 GMT 2006

Christian Ehrlicher wrote:
>Thiago Macieira schrieb:
>> Nicolas Goutte wrote:
>>> Also gcc 3.3.x has only little problems so why completely disable
>>> everything.
>>> So it could be very easy to create KDE_CONSTRUCTOR_DEPRECATED and
>>> everything will work again.
>> I thought it couldn't handle the Q_DECL_DEPRECATED in the beginning of
>> the function definition at all. If its problem is just for
>> constructors, then I agree, KDE_CONSTRUCTOR_DEPRECATED is the way.
>> One other thing: those methods we'll remove soon, right?
>When is this planned?

Looks to me like common sense: why keep deprecated methods in KDE 4?

The only reason why they'd still be there is compatibility:

>And what about moving deprecated classes to kde3support? I don't know if
>I ca do this without breaking a lot of kde programs...

KDE3Support is really a big question mark unanswered. Who's going to write 
it? Who's going to maintain it until *at least* KDE 4.2? Who's going to 
make sure that its behaviour is the expected behaviour under KDE3?

Qt3Support is a nice idea on Trolltech's part, but it has spoiled us. I 
don't think that we, as KDE developers, can create a transition library 
like Qt3Support. Think of all the old deprecated interfaces that have 
*already* been removed, like the whole of KMdi.

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