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Kurt Pfeifle k1pfeifle at
Wed Mar 15 20:33:03 GMT 2006

On Wednesday 15 March 2006 15:28, R.F. Pels wrote:
> On Wednesday 15 March 2006 01.52, Matt Rogers wrote:
> > Please feel free to start coding it yourself then. None of us who work on
> > kdevelop have enough time for that. :(
> Which makes me very wary about how long it will actually take. I'm afraid that 
> this answer implies that even when KDE4 is out it will take considerable time 
> for cmake support in kdevelop to materialize. 

I think you are starting to overdo it now...

I won't comment on every point, because I think this thread deserves
to die now.


> - cmake has support for parallel compilation

cmake doesnt compile. cmake creates Makefiles. "make -j 4" does compile,
in 4 parallel jobs. If "make -j n" fails too often, the cmake created
Makefiles are buggy:

 * This could be the fault of cmake: in which case I'm pretty confident 
   that it will be fixed very quickly, from seeing the wonderful support 
   and *very* active participation of a number of cmake developers 
   *themselves* in the kde-buildsystem at mailing list.

 * This could be a fault of the CMakeLists.txt files: in which case I'm
   pretty confident that one of the KDE hackers currently working on the
   kdelibs/trunk, *base or whereever will fix it.

 * And if it is a bug in your own application, at the end of the day (if
   you do not find help from a knowledgeable co-developer) you as the
   maintainer are responsible to fix it anyway; even if you continue to
   use autotools, scons, A-A-P, bksys or whatever as your build system.
   (BTW, nobody forces you to use cmake for your own KDE application(s):
   you can use whatever you prefer, just like before).

Mind you, I've not yet tried "-j n" runs with kdelibs Makefiles created
by cmake *in practice* (I've still problems with completing a normal 
build without an error; and I've not a machine with enough power to do 
so with benefits). But there is no reason why it shouldnt work by design. 
And no-one ever said so. So I wonder which evil daemon injected that 
suspicion into your brain...  ;->

> - cmake documentation seems to me as flimsy at best

Did you ever try to google for some ?
Did you ever try "man cmake" ?
Did you ever try "cmake --help" ?
Did you look at the cmake website ?
And you didn't find the cmake book there ? Or the wiki ?

I did that, a few weeks ago, when I first tried to make myself 
accustomed to the cmake build system. And I found all I needed to 
know in the current docu. And where I failed to understand, I 
asked in #kde4 or on the kde-buildsystem list. And even got 
satisfying replies.

And mind you: I am not a developer. I am one of the "NCC"s (to use

Please stop what right now only comes across as bitching + whining :-)


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