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Tue Mar 14 20:10:54 GMT 2006

On Tuesday 14 March 2006 18.30, Alexander Neundorf wrote:

>> 1) it supports distributed compilation in a reasonable way
> I heard that there are some problem with running make with several
> processes in parallel. But these are (probably) not problems of cmake, but
> problems in the cmake files I wrote. I'll investigate soon.

Yay! Icecream users will love you!

> > 2) it is supported by kdevelop in a reasonable way
> It is right now (but of course could be even better supported).
> Check out kdelibs (trunk), run cmake with the parameter ".-GKDevelop3" and
> you will have kdevelop project files for all major parts of kdelibs.

Ah. That's a good start.

> Not quite sure how an ideal cmake support by kdevelop would look like.
> I almost think editing the cmake files manually is not too hard.

Well, it probably would have to look like what kdevelop does with the automake 
project stuff - a project manager that can create the proper cmake files from 
the project data. 

> Right now you the cmake files are part of the kdevelop project files, so
> you can easily switch to them using alt+ctrl+o. The targets in the
> generated makefiles are parsed correctly.
> cmake is automatically rerun when required.

That certainly looks good. 

> > 3) the number of supported platforms stays the same
> ?
> I don't know of any plans of the cmake developers to support less
> platforms ;-)

That is, are they supporting the same number of platforms automake does?

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