success compiling kdelibs4 on OS X using cmake

William A. Hoffman billlist at
Tue Mar 14 17:33:21 GMT 2006

At 12:09 PM 3/14/2006, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
>On Tuesday 14 March 2006 09:49, Adriaan Moors wrote:
>> William A. Hoffman <billlist at> writes:
>> > Would you be willing to run a nightly dashboard for Mac OS X?
>> yes, I've already had a brief look at dart (I guess this is the tool that's
>> used for this?), but haven't had the time to investigate more closely
>> I don't know who I should contact to get an account to be able to upload
>> the results or if I should just upload them to a server of my own and point
>> the dashboard to an url, or...
>I think setting up a cronjo which does "make Nightly" should be enough.

It would be more robust to use ctest scripts.

The one I am using is here:

You run it with a cronjob that does:

ctest -S script -V >& somelogfile

For documentation see the ctest wiki:
(Note the docs show an older format, but it is similar.)

For starters you can just run cmake, then run make Experimental, to 
make sure all the parts are working before setting up the nightly cronjob.
The advantage of the scripts is that they are more fault tolerant.  If someone
breaks the cmakelist files one night, then make Nightly will stop working,
and you will have to fix it by hand.  With the -S scripts it will do the svn
checkout automatically, and recover from build problems.  Also, the notes file
will show all the flags and options given to cmake to perform the build, so
it can be useful for users to see how you built it.  The notes file will
not show up with just a make Nightly.

If anyone wants to set up nightly dashboards, please send me a private email,
and I can help with the setup.


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