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Tue Mar 14 16:44:50 GMT 2006

On Tuesday 14 March 2006 17:06, Michaƫl Larouche wrote:
> Or if it's a USB sound card, use that device while pluggged in then
> fallback to the other sound device when removed (but that could be backend
> dependent) IMO, this should be transparent. Of course, display a passive
> popup to inform the user that a new soundcard was inserted.


> So we will have a global Phonon configuration that applications will be
> able to override ?

Yes. The defaults (global configuration) should be good enough for most 
programs, but if needed more flexibility will be available. In some cases the 
configuration widgets will be provided by the backend as the options can be 
very backend dependent.

Something along the lines of:

ConfigDialog::ConfigDialog( Phonon::AudioOutput* ao, QWidget* parent )
  : KDialog( parent )
  setupUi( this );
  if( Phonon::BackendCapabilities::self()->hasConfigWidgetFor( ao ) )
    Phonon::Ui::WidgetFactory::createWidgetFor( ao, m_frame );

BTW, do you hate the additional Ui namespace as much as I hate it by now? It 
has the nice effect of clearly telling what lib needs to be linked...

> > We might want a field in the backend's desktop file to make it possible
> > for Kopete to query only for backends supporting capture. If we do that
> > it's gonna get a little more complicated with regard to soundcard device
> > sharing and such as two KDE programs might use different backends then.
> > But those are solvable problems...
> Look fine to me (query backend for capability), as long your fix problems
> with device sharing of course ;)

Yeah, solvable doesn't mean it's easy, though :(

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