move Phonon to trunk kdelibs (another branch to merge)

Kevin Ottens ervin at
Tue Mar 14 14:17:57 GMT 2006

Le Mardi 14 Mars 2006 15:06, Matthias Kretz a écrit :
> Good point. On the other hand I guess KDE developers will be often be
> interested in working on them and getting CVS/SVN/whatever access for all
> those projects can be a pain (or even impossible).

Well, "good point" too. :-)

In my opinion, it's important to keep them outside of kdelibs because it's 
generally better to be in sync with the other project releases (in order to 
avoid incompatibilities because of ABI changes in those projects, etc.)

Maybe for the backends that will stay in KDE repository, we should have a 
special module (let's call it "kdelibs-volatile") indicating that they are 
tied to other release cycles (maybe extragear could be this 
"kdelibs-volatile" since it's already not tied to kde release cycle).

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