The Technical Working Group's mission statement

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Hello fellow developers

As you may be aware, we have formed a Technical Working Group (TWG) whose 
purpose is to help drive development and bring some more order to our 
development bazaar. You can read the initial announcement on the dot (and 
I'd post a link to it if I could access the dot).

Our initial task was to come up with our mission statement: what our goals 
are for the near future.

Here is it:

KDE Technical Working Group's Mission Statement

1. Goal
The main goal of the Technical Working Group (TWG) for the coming months 
is the release of KDE version 4.0. This includes the following goals:
 - establishing a release plan
 - steering the process of defining of what constitutes KDE 4 (Framework,
   Desktop, Applications, etc.)
 - coordinating with other projects KDE code relies or will rely on, in
   order to ensure the KDE necessities are met

Other goals for the same period include:
 - management of the upcoming KDE 3.5.x releases
 - further goals as requested by the community, according to the TWG

2. Strategy
The goals set forth by the TWG for the coming months will be achieved by 
consultation of the KDE community and specific sub-communities. The TWG 
will raise issues that need discussing and will help in establishing 
consensus in a timely fashion.

The TWG will not disrupt the existing Open Source Process. Decisions made 
by the interested parties and sub-communities regarding the development 
of KDE should be upheld by the TWG. However, the TWG reserves the right to 
propose alternatives to currently established procedures and decisions if 
it considers them to conflict with the overall KDE development strategy

3. The KDE 4.0 release
The TWG will dedicate its efforts to ensuring that KDE 4.0 be released in 
a timely fashion and include the necessary frameworks / features upon 
which to build the KDE 4 desktop and applications. 

In order to do that, the TWG will make proposals for the release plan, 
feature set, and definition of modules (among issues) for the KDE 
community to discuss and decide upon. Once decisions are reached, the TWG 
will document and publicise such decisions.

The initial release plan will be adjusted according to the feature set 
needed and, once closed, the TWG will oversee that the release plan is 
followed. From that point on, the TWG will try to maintain the established 
release cycle by:
- Vetoing to changes in the KDE 4 code branch that cause undetermineable 
  slip in the planned schedule for stabilisation or completion.
- Adjusting the release plan upon request if subsystems require longer 
  than anticipated to complete
- Supporting KDE developer community focus on the KDE 4.x release, for 
  example via developer team meetings or reducing impact of framework 
  development for application developers.

4. KDE 3.5.x releases
The TWG will also manage further patch-level releases of the KDE 3.5 

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