Trolltech, Qt 4.2 and KDE 4.0

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at
Sun Mar 12 17:12:44 GMT 2006

Hello everyone

Trolltech is aware that KDE 4.0 will require many features present in Qt 
that are currently not there or not even scheduled for Qt 4.2. And we're 
also aware of discussions going on about extending our classes to provide 
that functionality and of patches being made against qt-copy in hope of 
being rolled into Qt in the future.

While we have our own set of priorities and features for Qt 4.2, we are 
committed to seeing KDE 4.0 happen and using an unpatched Qt 4.2, without 
the need for crude hacks or unnecessary subclassing. Therefore, Trolltech 
is placing one resource to interact with the KDE developer community and 
finding out what such needs are.

This point of contact will be me: I want to hear from the developers what 
changes to Qt as it currently stands is required in order to produce KDE 
4.0. However, I won't be implementing those changes myself. I'll merely 
relay the information to our developers and make sure it gets the 
necessary and timely attention.

I'm already collecting such issues, like the QDate range extending or the 
QAction necessary modifications. And apparently we have one more for 
menus, being discussed right now on kde-devel.

I'd like to hear from the developer community what those features are, 
what their use-cases are and how they affect Qt. I'd also like to know 
what the solution would be if Trolltech were to not accept the feature: 
how much impact would it have on KDE code.

What I don't want is bug reports on Qt. We have a team of support 
engineers dedicated to assessing all bug reports sent to 
qt-bugs at All bug reports should go through the normal 
channels. I'd like to be informed only of critical issues for *KDE*, for 
which there is no simple workaround.

Thiago José Macieira - thiago.macieira AT
Trolltech AS - Sandakerveien 116, NO-0402 Oslo, Norway
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