Nicolas Goutte nicolasg at snafu.de
Fri Mar 10 14:38:20 GMT 2006

>List:       kde-commits
>Subject:    Re: KDE/kdelibs/kdeui
> From:       David Faure <faure () kde ! org>
>Date:       2006-03-09 0:25:10
>Message-ID: 200603090125.11581.faure () kde ! org
>On Wednesday 08 March 2006 23:00, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
>> SVN commit 516856 by neundorf:
>> -compile fix, KDE_DEPRECATED has to come after the function name
>> -    KDE_DEPRECATED KPassivePopup( int popupStyle, QWidget *parent=0, 
Qt::WFlags f=0 );
>> +    KPassivePopup( int popupStyle, QWidget *parent=0, Qt::WFlags f=0 ) 
>Indeed this fixes compilation for me too, on Mac OS X (gcc-3.3).
>Does this mean that the comment in kdemacros.h need to be updated then? It 
>certainly says<
>that KDE_DEPRECATED goes before constructors.
>David - afraid that this differs with other compilers or other versions of 
>gcc :(

Well, somewhen we have to decide if KDE_DEPRECATED has to go in front or in 
back? (What does Qt with Q_DECL_DEPRECATED ?)

And if one compiler (msvc) needs it in front and the other (gcc) in back, then 
we have a real problem!!!

And what happens if you use Q_DECL_DEPRECATED directly? The same problem or 
does it curiously work?

Have a nice day!

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