Check off list needed for apps. (was: KIOSK settings)

Andras Mantia amantia at
Wed Mar 8 15:14:22 GMT 2006

On Wednesday 08 March 2006 16:45, Jaison Lee wrote:
> Andras wrote:
> >This is not available from yet, because it is for the next
> >release.
> Nicolas wrote:
> > It depends on the server. Some server update when they receive the
> > change notification email (which of course does not work if there
> > are email problems). Other mirrors are only updated from time to
> > time in the day.
> Are we talking about the same thing here?
> The *changelog itself* available via is more than a week
> out-of-date with what is in subversion. Just look at the file.
> Whatever process takes changes from subversion and syncs them to the
> website is not working.
> Am I the only one that checks the upcoming changelog to see what
> people have fixed in the current version?  :)

Seems that what I wrote did not arrived yet: 
is the same as

And the changelog linked in the 3.5.1 announcement 
( is 
the same as 

So where do you see a missmatch (I cannot really see, but maybe I 
overlooked it)?


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