DRAFT document on coding conventions in kde libraries

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Tue Mar 7 08:39:06 GMT 2006

Leo Savernik wrote:
>I mean simple covariant return values:
>struct A {
>  virtual A *f() { return new A(); }
>struct B : public A {
>  virtual B *f() { return new B(); }
>This works with gcc 2.95, but not with msvc6.

No, I meant complex covariant return values:

struct A {
  int i;
  virtual ~A();
  virtual A *f() { return new A(); }

struct A2 {
  int j;
  virtual ~A2();

struct B: public A2, public A
  virtual B* f() { return new B(); }

gcc 2.95 can't compile this. If you do:
  B *b = new B;
  A *a = b;

Then a == b, but not in value (the pointer values differ).
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