DRAFT document on coding conventions in kde libraries

Mirko Boehm mirko at kde.org
Mon Mar 6 12:49:03 GMT 2006

On Monday 06 March 2006 13:28, David Faure wrote:
> > I have heard (altough I was unable to reproduce the link) that such
> > problems have been solved with more recent GCCs. Which would be a
> > criteria to what versions we support.
> It only works if dlopening with RTLD_GLOBAL, which we don't do by default.
> So every module is in its own 'typeinfo namespace', so to speak.
> With RTLD_GLOBAL (KLibLoader::globalLibrary()) it would work, but the
> downside is that if two modules define a class (or link to libraries which
> define a class) with the same name you get crashes. Like it used to happen
> between libfam's Client and kwin's Client class before it got namespaced.
> (ah where is Michael Matz these days? he was the expert on such matters :)
> )
OK, thanks.

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