Check off list needed for apps. (was: KIOSK settings)

Jarosław Staniek js at
Sun Mar 5 20:22:03 GMT 2006

Andras Mantia wrote:

> On Sunday 05 March 2006 00:26, Andras Mantia wrote:
>> It can be a simple document (XML file + a php to convert it to HTML)
>> on as well, as all svn account holders can commit
>> there.
> Here is an example which can be used as a base. The checks and the
> checked items (application, libraries) are in an XML file, and a PHP
> file processes it and displays as HTML.
> The result can be seen at .
> Of course this is a quick version from a C++ coder (with little PHP and
> HTML experience), it is not standard compliant and might be not optimal
> at all. If we go this way what it would really need is:
> - a DTD for the XML format
> - making it display a table and use the KDE CSS files
> I offer to write a Quanta DTEP so it will be easy to update the XML. ;-)

Couldn't a table be more readible?

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