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Olivier Goffart ogoffart at kde.org
Sun Mar 5 09:30:51 GMT 2006

Le Dimanche 5 Mars 2006 05:38, Aaron J. Seigo a écrit :
> for me the question is NOT about "how many libraries?" i personally
> couldn't care less if we have the same, or less!, number of libraries in
> kdelibs in kde4 compared to what we have in kde3.
> the question for me is "how do we organize our sources? how do we organize
> our components? how do we put things together?"
> right now we have an untidy room: years and years of adding more and more
> great stuff into a pile on the floor. it's a monster to try and maintain
> and manage; it's a bigger monster to learn and figure your way around.
> does that make any sort of sense?

Thanks for your reply.
And yes, it does make more sense.

What we should do IMO is doing like what Qt does: In the same library, 
separate the source in several directories (like qtcore/kernel , 
qtcore/global , qtcore/tools)

That let us with an organized source tree,  and if ever we want to add some 
dependencies between classes for one or other reason, we still can.

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