Check off list needed for apps. (was: KIOSK settings)

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Sun Mar 5 05:00:32 GMT 2006

On Saturday 04 March 2006 10:04, John Tapsell wrote:
> release and realise that somebody accidently wrote kicker using GTK instead
> of QT :-)

dammit. you're on to me! ;)

i think such a list would be a definite boost to our quality efforts. perhaps 
we can put together such a list and then submit it to the TWG?

i also think having a couple of tiers of features so it becomes less of a Huge 
List I'll Never Achieve and can be viewed as A Set Of Steps I Can Work 
Towards. the "no critical bugs" stamp for instance might a "black belt" 
level, and we can  "stamp" apps with their level of compliance/achievement.

i agree with Andras that KConfigXT should be made an entry that list.
as should using Designer for dialogs.
and compliance with the HIG (though perhaps that implied in the "usability 
people" line (note that many/most of our core usability people are women, 
btw ;))
proper developer documentation (such as an app design overview document such 
as the okular devs are writing) should also be on the "black belt" list.

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