Christian Esken esken at kde.org
Sat Mar 4 22:03:57 GMT 2006

Am Samstag, 4. März 2006 22:24 schrieb Lubos Lunak:
>  Actually we support 3 phases Really Soon(TM). As soon as my startup patches 
> are in SVN. Phase 0 for kdesktop+kicker (->no need for autostart-after= as 
> that seems to be used for these two only, and moreover it doesn't right now 
> really work anyway), phase 1 for parts of the desktop and phase 2 for 
> everything else than can wait (you don't really need all that systray 
> nonsense immediately).

Hmmm .... why doesn't it work reliably? Is the reason, that we don't know when the autostart is ready/finished? If this is the reason, then the phases also won't work.
Take for example volume restauration: It must have FINISHED, before the login sound is played. How can you guarantee that? At the moment I cannot, but hope to do so in KDE4 (see https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=91267).


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