Check off list needed for apps. (was: KIOSK settings)

John Tapsell johnflux at
Sat Mar 4 17:04:35 GMT 2006

  Just a proposal:
  We need a table of apps to be in the next release down the rows, and
across the columns a tick for when we achieve certain milestones for the
app.  Then we can keep track of the progress of all the apps, and developers
won't forget to check anything.

For example:

* Ported to QT4
* Checked to work with kiosk properly
* Uses KIO instead of QFile  where reasonably possible
* Given go ahead by userability guys
* No unfixed critical bug reports
* Documentation up to date
* Uses KConfig
* Startup code checked over by expert coders for optomisations
* Icons checked for consitency by whatever icon ppl there
* All nit picks picked by nitpickers and denitted if pickable nits

and so on.  Then when you guys introduce some new technology into kdelibs4,
you can add it to the list.  Then we won't end up a week before release and
realise that somebody accidently wrote kicker using GTK instead of QT :-)
Instead we can keep track of progress this way.

Close to release we can add on translations etc.
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