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Thiago Macieira thiago at
Thu Mar 2 10:56:12 GMT 2006

Alexander Neundorf wrote:
>How do we want to deal with the Qt release and debug libs ?
>I planned to link the Qt debug libs when doing a debug build, and to the
>release libs when doing a !debug build. If not both are available, link
> to the version which is available.

I'd say: unless the user tells us to, always link to 
libQt{Core,Gui,Xml,etc}.so, not to the _debug versions.

The problem is if the user tells us to link to the debug version in 
kdelibs, but the release version in kdecore. I don't like hardcoding the 
Qt mode in the kdelibs installation, so I'd recommend that if you turn Qt 
debug on, you do it for ALL of your KDE modules.

We don't expect many people to link to the Qt debug builds. They are 
REALLY slow, because lots of inlineable methods are not inlined. Just 
think that almost the whole of QList, QMap, QHash, etc. are inlined; the 
Q_ASSERT calls vanish, etc.

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