Eigen, a shared linear algebra library for KDE apps

Kleag kleag at free.fr
Thu Jul 27 19:00:23 BST 2006


Don't know if it has all what you want, but ublas, part of the boost 
libraries, (http://www.boost.org/libs/numeric/ublas/doc/overview.htm) has 
vectors, matrices, solving of systems of linear equations...

Well, I did not use this library myself, just read the doc introduction, but 
as a user of other Boost libraries, I'm usualy very happy with them.


Le jeudi 27 juillet 2006 17:38, Casper Boemann a écrit :
> Hi
> The developers of Kalzium, Kreative3D, KChart and Marble have a common need
> for a simple linear algebra library. We had a lengthy IRC discussion and
> searched existing libraries, but they are usually big, non C++ etc, and
> having big dependencies makes us afraid of being excluded from some
> distros.
> So we have decided to work together with the aim of creating a simple
> linear algebra library called Eigen (a little wordplay), which we would
> like to place within KDE.
> The idea of the library is to create the interface we want and then copy
> actual code from the tons of math libs out there. Basically all we want is
> a Vector and a Matrix class and the usaual +, -, * operations plus dot
> product, crossed product, and a way to construct orthogonal vectors and
> bases.
> We want Quaternions and functions to solve systems of linear equations, but
> that is it.
> Main question is where in the KDE directory structure can we put this?

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