Re: kdelibs coding style

David Jarvie lists at
Mon Jul 24 13:19:14 BST 2006

On Monday 24 Jul 2006 11:50, Thomas Zander wrote: 
>The proposal was made in a very clear way to _avoid_ discussing 
>We either use pick a pre-made one, or we don't. Thats not Zacks forcing 
>anything, thats just experience with lots of developers that each have 
>his/her own tastes. 
>So, I think you should recognize Zack has a lot more social experience 
>then you give him credit for. If only by the fact of recognizing that the 
>only way to get this done is by sidestepping the discussion of style. 
>That's much to emotionally laden to get consensus on. I hope that fact 
>has become clear to more people by now. 
>I fully support his actions in this thread, and I think its a shame that 
>there were so many people who basically ignored his wise words and went 
>on discussing the actual style anyway. Killing this proposal from getting 
>a meritocratic Ok in the process. 

It seems to me that most of what has been proposed is acceptable to most people, since there have only been significant objections to a very 
few items. One or two people have raised objections in principle, but they seem to be very much in the minority. It would therefore be perfectly 
possible, as has already been suggested, that the proposed coding style could be adopted minus the points of contention. This would still be a 
considerable step forward, and AFAICS would be acceptable to almost everybody. 

I don't see that it _has_ to be all or nothing. 

David Jarvie. 

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