kdelibs coding style

Guillaume Laurent glaurent at telegraph-road.org
Sun Jul 23 00:21:15 BST 2006

On Sunday 23 July 2006 00:09, Maks Orlovich wrote:
> Secondarily, it's about fun. Lots of us aren't paid to hack, after all, and
> creating things, fixing bugs, etc., etc., can be tons of fun. Having your
> work jump through 15 bureaucratic hoops isn't fun.

Oh, because applying patches which screw up a given file's coding style is, 
perhaps ? Try to see this from the maintainer's point of view for just a 

With Rosegarden, even though we get very few external contributions, we do 
reject patches which take too many liberties with our coding style, even 
though we're not exactly consistent ourselves (at least when it comes to 
indentation and formatting - naming rules for instance are quite thouroughly 
respected). And guess what, people do fix their patches and resubmit them.

Maintainers aren't here to provide "fun" to contributors. If you want to 
contribute, the least you can do is abiding by the maintainer's rules, rather 
than selfishly declare that you just want to "have some fun" and not make any 
effort to make the job of the other guy any easier.


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